My approach to bodywork is simple.

I like to try to identify where the pain or restriction is originating from and address that area of the body.
I work on a few body parts during the session and thoroughly go over the problem areas.

It is not a Swedish massage that puts you to sleep.

It's bodywork for people who...

  • need to address concerns they have dealing with pain and restriction...
  • need maintenance due to repetitive and excessive use of overused muscles...
  • have stress that continually targets the same area of the body...
    (like runing, dancing, sitting at a computer, poor posture, or a bad nights sleep that has compromised your back)

Throughout the session we communicate on how you're feeling and use that as a guideline.
I like to explain what I'm doing while we work, and have a give and take regarding what I'm finding, and how to address it.

I use a biotone cream, which leaves no residue.

You should expect to feel sore after the work, sore like the first day back at the gym or dance class.

I also encourage dialogue after the session if you have any questions or concerns.

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